Important Questions You Can Ask While Buy Network Switches

cisco 24 port switch

If you are not familiar with the network switches then here is an explanation. The network switches are equipment that connects different devices like computers, printers, servers and many other into a network. The switches improve the efficiency and potential of a network in the least amount of time.

Here are various tips to buy the best network switches. If you are looking to buy at the reasonable price then you can contact a used network equipment reseller to find the best deals.

  • How Many Devices I can connect with my switch?

There are different types of switches and all the switches can connect different amount of devices. For example, the 24-port switch can connect to the 24 devices in the local area network. Just like that, the 48-port switch can connect 48 devices in the local are network.

Along with that, the speed of a switch also matters in the internet speed. You need a switch minimum 10 MBPS to 1000 MBPS switches for the small business.

  • Do you have any different types of network switches?

Mainly, there are two types of network switches. The first is managed networking switches and another one is unmanaged network switches. The managed switches offer plug and play functionality and unmanaged switches offer the ability to manage and monitor local area network. Along with that, it also provides the command line interface to set up the network configuration.

Mostly, managed switches are really effective. If you want it at the reasonable price then you can go for used or refurbished Cisco switches.

So, here are the two most important questions you should ask while buying the new networking switch for your small business. You can go to the store directly or visit the reseller’s website to get the best deals. If you are a small business owner then these are questions you must ask.


Why used Cisco router is the first choice of small enterprises?

cisco 24 port switch

Business climate changes continuously and there are times when it becomes necessary for the company to make best use of their resources to keep up with the competition of the market. So when it comes to buying networking hardware, going for second-hand equipment is the ideal choice. Cisco is the leader in the market for used equipment. Whether one needs to buy a used Cisco routers or used Cisco switches, they can buy it without affecting their budget.

Brand new Cisco equipment comes with a heavy price tag. Small enterprises cannot afford to have them as they need to have a budget for other important areas of the business. The best option for them is to find a provider of used or refurbished networking equipment.

The market of used networking equipment is dominating, not only because of the low cost but also because of the paramount quality of the equipment. These refurbished equipment go through several layers of testing before they are available in the market for selling.

Whether you are buying used access servers, switches or routers, you can expect them to work flawlessly. The quality of such equipment also depends on the vendor. It is better to approach a Cisco-certified vendor that has excellent quality control process, which includes staging and testing to make the product perfect for excellent performance.

Another advantage of buying Cisco used equipment is that you get fast delivery and warranties. Some of the vendors also provide full year replacement warranty and some of them also provide extended warranty. There can be no perfect option for small companies than going with used networking equipment.

When you buy brand new equipment, it takes weeks to get delivered. You also need to allow the budget for training your admin department on how to use these pieces of equipment. This is also a time-consuming process. So to eliminate such needs, small business prefer to buy used equipment.

It is also important to get quality post sell services and reliable vendors are having a team of skilled professionals to solve any kind of concerns of their customers. You should take reviews of such a company that has been providing used Cisco equipment for years with best in class services into account before making the final decision.